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Ideas are a dime a dozen.

But if you don't have one, you won't find a cent.

Here are some ideas of things that might be explored.

Agent Graph

Don't build a knowledge-graph, build an agent graph.

What is an agent-graph? It is an knowledge graph of 'agents', that allow for structured connections and an 'agent' template that can act on those structured connections.

It has 'summarizations' and

Start building a basic KG with a simple schema focusing on key concepts and relations in the existing documentation.

Implement fuzzy and exact match search capabilities. Initially, manually identify appropriate locations for new concepts in the documentation tree.


  • Ability to create docker images from repos: repo2docker

  • A codebase watcher and executor agent for public codebases like in github. This would have a vector database + query (+ build) system that would allow the code base to be queried and interacted with via 'execution' of various functions. They would allow for tested execution of external codebases (and functions). Kind of like code interpreter but for not making new code but calling code that is already needed. This would allow code to use other code just as a person would.

AI/ML focused

This relates to general methods of GenAI directly .

Presentation building