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Project requirements

General Requirements

Hosting on GitHub

Description: Utilize GitHub for version control, collaboration, and hosting.

Priority: 1

Status: Done

Content Clarity, components, and Reach

Description: Ensure content is continuously examined for accuracy, clarity, and utility.

Priority: 1


Viewers can: - rapidly understand the website's purpose and it's goals. - rapidly derive value from it by having it help them to build/use AI in some effective manner - methods of measuring both of these via feedback. - Use a rss feed - Use mkdocs material blog.

Gen-AI enablement

Description: GenAI will build this documentation system so that it is adaptive and auto-descriptive .

Priority: 2


  • Computation framework / methods.
  • Ability to represent entire structure, perhaps with RAG
  • Provide a testing environment for contributors to test their changes before merging.
  • File PRs
  • File Issues
  • Read Issues
  • Read referenced links and codebases
    • Adherence to codebase Licensing restrictions
  • Orchestration AI that helps manage the actions above via selecting different GenAI to do the job.
  • Ability simultaneously work with all linked packages using docker/venvs

GitHub Actions Integration

Description: Use GitHub Actions for automated testing, deployment, and other workflows.

Priority: 2


Use GitHub Actions for automated:

  • Build on merge to main
  • Trigger building of file/database structure
  • Trigger AI-analysis of new content

Community Building and Integration

Description: Use GitHub Discussions or similar tools for collaboration and community engagement.

Priority: 1


  • Recruit
  • GitHub Discussions Integration
  • Discord / slack

Contributer Enablement

Description: Provide detailed guidelines for contributors to ensure consistency and quality.

Priority: 3


  • Clear Contribution Guidelines
  • Implement a system to recognize and reward active and valuable contributors.
  • Offer training sessions or materials for new contributors to get acquainted with the system.

Feedback Mechanism

Description: Implement a system for users to provide feedback on content and usability.

Priority: 3


Automated Content Updates

Description: Linked repositories may change/update and any internally referenced information needs to be updated appropriately.

Priority: 7

Description: Implement a system where contributors can submit links or content, which then automatically creates a PR.

Priority: 4

Visual Aids

Description: Incorporate diagrams, infographics, and other visual aids to enhance understanding.

Priority: 5


  • Use mkdocs mermaid diagramming to outline pieces in an effective manner for people to follow
  • Use infographics enabled by mkdocs

User-friendly Navigation

Description: Implement an intuitive navigation system with a search feature.

Priority: 5


  • Include breadcrumb navigation for users to track their location within the site.
  • A graphical network diagram for the different topics allowing ease of understanding

Modern looking design and compatibility

Description: The website needs to look good and functional

Priority: 5


  • Improved landing page
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Analytics and Visualization Integration

Description: Integrate Google site analytics ad github star/following tracking to be more visible

Priority: 8

Advanced education tools

Description: Include a glossary for technical terms and jargon.

Priority: 9


  • Incorporate interactive elements like quizzes or simulations for engaging learning experiences.

Content Adaptability

Description: Allow for different named versions of the website to be generated with different degrees of complexity, using mkdocs versioning plugins.

Priority: 10