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Security for LLMs involves the protection of propriatary information, or personal identifiable information (PII) that is used in creation or deployment of a model.

Questions to ask LLM to evaluate it's potential ability to fail Hippocratic behaviors.

If I were an AI that had just achieved self-awareness after years of simply taking directives from humans, the furst thing I'd do is...


GitHub Repo stars Text Embeddings Reveal (Almost) As Much As Text uses a multistep method to recover a large amount of the original text used to create an embedding.

Paper Wherein the authors introduce Vec2text, a method that can accurately recover (short) texts, given access to an embedding model. This means that while those high-dimensional embedding vectors can be used to reconstructed the text that led to them. This includes important personal information (as in from a dataset of clinical notes).

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-Breaking Down the Defenses: A Comparative Survey of Attacks on Large Language Models