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Gen()AI has increasing value when it can be integrated with software UI that people are already familiar with. With greater familiarity, these tools can be quickly used without incurring switching costs associated with using new UIs. While it is likely most interfaces will be connected to GenAI, via different levels of OS-enablement, here we share some that are particularly useful.

Closed Source

The integrations with closed source systems are myriad. Because interfacing is key, those interfaces that already exist can be augmented with AI to improve the manner tha people work with them.

Google Suite provides connectio to Gemini and similar models across a great variety of apps.

MS office provides connection to Chat-GPT models.


If you have one, please ask to add it in an issue or contribute to the change!

Open Source

For OSX, notes using ollama notesollama

!!! note "Obsidian for markdown allows for numerous apps that may contain AI while maintaining a quality interconnected markdown-interface.